Headquartered in Washington DC, Finalysis Group is powering projects, investing in technologies and building infrastructure in the CleanTech space worldwide. 

Founded in 1997, the firm has been directly or indirectly involved in powering energy saving, energy production and technology acquisition for leading developers, utilities and telecoms globally. As a full service firm the company specializes in acquiring, financing and managing cutting edge projects and investing in innovative and disruptive technologies in this space. 

"At Finalysis Group, our philosophy is to envision, develop and manage technologies and projects that not only make economic sense in terms of acceptability, efficiencies but also have a lasting impact on social well-being. We firmly believe, that any project or technology we develop has to be socially rewarding, through augmenting and enriching the environment. We believe we each need to do our part to build our great country for the future and impact the lives of millions of people by making a positive charge."